Thursday 13 November 2008

Newborn Rodeo x Mickey Factz Interview

So the homie Ernest over at Newborn Rodeo caught up with one of the dopest emcees out there right now - Mickey Factz, to talk about being on the XXL front cover, to his releationship with his mother, online hate, and more....

"NBR: Congratulations on the XXL cover. You’ve come a long way since I saw that video of you freestyling in the barbershop over two years ago. I feel like most artists would be content with the type of ascension you’ve had. Are you? If not, what’s next for Mickey Factz?

Mickey Factz: I’m blessed to have the accomplishments I’ve had but I’m not content. Getting the XXL cover lasts for 45 days. After that, another mag drops. What’s next for Mickey Factz is bigger, better and more innovative ways to stand apart from everyone creating music.

NBR: I’ve heard you say that they’ll be comparing you to Michael Jackson by the time you’re done with your run as an artist. Which of your next moves is most congruent with achieving that goal?

Mickey Factz: I’m feeling like Mike right when he left the Jackson 5. It was all about the set up. I feel my set up will line up perfectly with what he did. I can’t disclose all of that info at this time. But it will be crazy. Trust…

NBR: I’m sure other emerging artists have similarly lofty aspirations. I know you have nothing but respect for your contemporaries, but I also know you’re an advocate for the spirit of competition. Does the notoriously confident Mickey Factz feel like any other artists pose a threat to his rise?

Mickey Factz: I feel other artists that are doing it right now have their respective lanes they are in. They will take over that lane and do their thing. I, on the other hand, am not threatened by anyone because I know what’s about to happen.

NBR: Moving on from your relationship with other rappers, what about the relationship with your mother? I heard an interview where you said everything was good now, but you just talked about how you and you mother “don’t speak” in your Best Of Both Offices freestyle. What’s the real story?

Mickey Factz: Its an on and off relationship. Every parent has only the best aspirations for their child. She doesn’t want me to be a bum. Granted. She also doesn’t care about these accolades I’ve been receiving. She wants to make sure I have a stable way to live. That’s where we bump heads because these accolades help me to achieve that lifestyle.

NBR: Speaking of your mother, I know that you dropping out of school initiated the rift between you two. I’m in school right now, but my focus is elsewhere, so I can relate to that decision. What was that process like for you? Did you ever doubt yourself?

Mickey Factz: That was one of the hardest decisions to make as a man. On one hand I knew I was talented enough to make it. On the other hand, how am I gonna live if she’s threatening to kick me out and not be there. It was a gut instinct move that I’ll never forget. I followed my dreams and kept going.

NBR: Along with dropping out of school, your exposure on Nah Right has been another pivotal point in your career. What’s your relationship with Eskay like?

Mickey Factz:: Eskay is a cool dude. He doesn’t post everything I send him which makes me respect him more. At the end of the day it was about me working hard for those posts. Nothing more nothing less. He respects my work ethic as much as my music.

NBR: Clearly, lots of people enjoy your music or you wouldn’t be where you are today, but it’s hard to ignore the immense online hate directed towards Mickey Factz, specifically blog commentators. How does that affect you?

Mickey Factz: Hate towards me is great. I laugh at everyone hating. Its great. It’s the best feeling when someone just randomly hates. All they’re doing is spreading the name.

NBR: You’re known for your electronica influences, but do you see yourself moving past that sound at some point? And will we ever see an abstract Mickey Factz project a la 808’s & Heartbreak?

Mickey Factz: Every artist grows sonically. The sound will change as I grow as an artist. As far as being abstract as Kanye has been, you never know what can happen. As long as it’s hot, nobody will complain.

NBR: Now for the obligatory Supra question. You’ve expressed confidence in the fact that tastemakers know what you did for Supra. However, I see a lot of Lil’ Wayne stans walking around campus with their freshly eBay-ed Supra gear who undeniably have no idea who you are. How do you feel about those guys?

Mickey Factz:: Show them love still. At the end of the day, as long as people embrace the brand and help build Supra, that’s all that matters to me.

NBR: What’s your current financial situation?

Mickey Factz:: I make a living off shows. That’s my bread and butter.

NBR: How well are you eating off of shows? And what about GFCNY’s side hustles (Rocksmith, etc.)?

Mickey Factz: A business man always has ways to make revenue. Getting revenue is the easiest thing to do when you co-own a company.

NBR: Well, it’s been a pleasure. Until the next time, keep up the good work. I’ll be waiting on The Achievement in the mean time. Any additional information on that project?

Mickey Factz: It’s going to be one of the many life changing experiences fans will encounter on my journey. Trust me its going to be insane."

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