Thursday 22 January 2009

DJ Cable Vs. Skream & Mike Jones "Still Tippin On The Request Line"

So for 2009, I'll be putting blends/mashups/refixes together on a fairly regular basis for your listening pleasure, or to use during DJ sets, or on mixshows (just as long as Cable gets credit!). I've already leaked a couple, which I'll post up later this week.

In the meantime, here's a little Dubstep/Thugstep mashup between Skream's "Midnight Request Line" & Mike Jones' "Still Tippin". If you're wondering what "Thugstep" is, and how it originated, it was brought to life by DJ Nappy

Anyhow...Sit back, download, turn it up and zone out.

Listen/Get: "Still Tippin On The Request Line" (Dirty)

Listen/Get: "Still Tippin On The Request Line" (Clean)

Got any thoughts? Leave a comment!

P.S. Mixes will be dropping next week. Hold tight!

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