Wednesday 14 January 2009

Donovan Feat. G. Rizo "Breakin"

It's about time that I put you all up on some more Electro...Yeh, I know, I've been pretty biased with all the Hip Hop & sneaker posts! The blog's going to have a bit of a facelift soon, including some of the content, so stay tuned!

Anyhow, this gem comes from French duo Donovan. To sum up their style, they've got a Chromeo-esque kind of sound to them; crunchy electro with an 80's feel. They've also banged out some sick remixes for the likes of Sebasiten Tellier & In The Club (Their remix of "Turn You On" is straight fire).

Listen/Get: Donovan Feat. G. Rizo "Breakin" (Radio Edit)

Their debut EP "Breakin" is out soon. Make sure you cop that.

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