Friday 2 January 2009

My New Year's Eve

Just got the pics up online from New Year's Eve. Shout to everyone who reached Qube in Colchester. Apparently town wasn't that busy, but this place got pretty rammed once it hit 11pm....How I wasn't hungover the next day is beyond comprehension. The Grey Goose was out in full effect....

Pretty much everything got played, from House, to Electro, Bmore, Miami Bass, 80's, Rock/Indie, Hip Hop, and even some Motown too. After some careful rewiring with 2 Serato boxes, we were also able to run dual laptops simultaneously....

It was all a bit too much for some.

However, due to being drunk, you kinda forget to take pictures of some of the funnier things that happened...I took a lot of crowd shots, but they all came out blurry...Maybe I'll remember to up my photography game next time...

More Pics:

Colchester's own Johnny Knoxville.

"Stay away from that trap door."

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