Tuesday 29 September 2009

Sunday 27 September 2009

They just don't make cartoons like they used to...

If you were born/grew up in the 80's you should remember these...

Seriously, the cartoons they have nowadays are fucking wack! Someone please give me a Delorean and time flux capacitor so I can go back to the 80's...or even the 90s for that matter...

DJ Freeza "The Ramadance Mixtape"

Good mixtapes these days are few and far between. Everyone with access to social networking sites, Limewire and Tesco's cheap CDRs now thinks they're a DJ (no names mentioned), and the amount of crap mixtapes and event invites I'm bomarded with these days is ridiculous...

This mixtape, however, isn't shit. It's banging. for those not in the know, my boy DJ Freeza is part of Tomb Crew. You may know them from duppying various raves across the UK, and also over in Europe. He's just finished a promo mix for a new night in Essex called Ramdance, and you should all check it out below...

In his words:

"It’s one for fans of UK Garage, Dubstep, UK funky, Grime, and big Electro club tunes. I’ve gone for a real party energy, and I’m pretty pleased with it."

DJ Freeza "The Ramadance Mixtape"


01. Sticky Feat. Lady Chann - Sticky Situation
02. Giant - Drumstick... Read more
03. Fake Blood - Fix Your Accent
04. Sidney Samson - Riverside
05. Alex Mills - Beyond Words (Witty Boy Remix)
06. Stenchman - Puking Over
07. Jack Beats - UFO (K-Hole Riddim)
08. Bart Bmore - Bingo Players Get Up (Diplo Remix)
09. Major Lazer - Pon Di Floor
10. Rusko - Terminal 3
11. The Count And Sinden - Mega
12. Kicks Like A Mule - It's OK (Mumdance Remix)
13. La Roux - I'm Not Your Toy (Jack Beats Remix)
14. Maxwell D - Black Berry Hype (Lil Silva Remix)
15. MJ Cole Feat. Serocee - AO (MJ Cole Funky Dub)
16. Simon Sez - Golly Gosh
17. DJ Zinc - 128 Trek
18. Funky Dee - Are You Gonna Bang Doe?
19. Jameson - Urban Hero
20. Sean Paul - Get Busy (Luny P Remix)
21. Steve Angello & AN21 - Flonko
22. Tomb Crew - Western Jam
23. Subscape - Let Me Clear My Throat
24. Aems - No Fuss
25. Benga & Eve - Me And My

Jameson "Urban Hero" = WIN!

Saturday 26 September 2009

Gullyver @ Plastic People Tonight!

Unfortunately I won't be there, but if you're in London you should pop down! Always a good party...

Shouts to DJ MK

Wednesday 23 September 2009

Classic Tracks: Company Flow "8 Steps To Perfection"

Following on from a Twitter discussion earlier today, this has to be one of favourite tracks to have come out on Rawkus (In fact, the majority of releases on the label were solid). The "Funcrusher Plus" album was way ahead of its time, spawning such classics as "Vial Nerve", "End To End Burners" & "Lune TNS", although I wasn't too fond of some of the material El-P put out on "Def Jux".

Alongside Fondle 'Em, Rawkus is one of the top indie labels all of time.

P.S. Watch this space for something else Rawkus-related...

Drake "Forever" (Music Video)

Directed by Hype Williams.

Eminem > everyone else on this. Best guest verse of 09, perhaps?

Sunday 20 September 2009

Plastician @ Optic tomorrow night!

Well, it's technically tonight, being 3am and all that, but if you're about this Monday be sure to pop down to Optic for what will be a heavy night of Dubstep & Grime, Electro, Hip Hop and more, with support from myself, Hotpoint, Lexus, plus the one and only Illaman.

If you're a UEA student, I'll be on campus handing out a few Mash Down 3 CDs...make sure you come and grab one!

A-Trak @ The Do Over (Video)

Great set from Trizzy here, slicing through a top selection of breaks and classic Hip Hop. Well worth checking out...

Two things I'd also like to share with you all:

1) I want a DJM-800
2) That girl in the green top is on point. Damn...

Saturday 19 September 2009

DJ Cable Vs. Jay-Z "99 Problems (Super Brooklyn Blend)"

Thought it's about time I hit you with a new blend...

For this one, Hova's "99 Problems" gets thrown over Cocoa Brovaz' classic "Super Brooklyn". I made a slight re-arrangement on the beat just for the chorus, but other than that, a nice simple blend to maybe work into your sets...

DOWNLOAD (192kbps):

"99 Problems (Super Brooklyn Blend)" - Dirty Version
"99 Problems (Super Brooklyn Blend) - Clean Version

Feedback is welcomed. Let me know what you think!

R.I.P. Roc Raida

I've just heard via Twitter (and also from one of my crew members, Loop), that Roc Raida has just passed away...

We had been informed of his accident just over a week ago, and he seemed to be doing well following spinal surgery. Like many, I was hoping he would be making a full recovery. I'm truly shocked at the sudden bad news...My thoughts go out to his family and friends.

I had the pleasure of meeting Roc Raida one time briefly back at the 2006 DMC World Finals, and can safely say he was a genuinely cool guy, really humble and down to earth; one of those dudes who would take the time to chat to anybody. As a DJ, he influenced a whole generation with his innovative juggling patterns and body tricks. It's obvious to see why he was worthy of being a world champion, as well as a Grandmaster of the art.

R.I.P. one of the greatest DMC Champions of all time. Alongside DJ AM, he will be sorely missed.

If Video Games were realistic...

We all like our games nowadays to have some sense of realism. Wither some games however, more realism can be make them become even more unrealistic! I've included some of my favourite picks, but you can check out the full set from Cracked's post here. Some of these are genius!

Last but not least...my personal favourite, and also the winner of Cracked's poll:

Via Rock The Dub

Friday 18 September 2009

Daft Punk in DJ Hero (Video)

This game gets more interesting by the minute...Not only do we have legends such as Grandmaster Flash & Jazzy Jeff appearing in the game, but now Daft Punk are the latest to be announced. The detailing on this is pretty amazing..Extra kudos goes to including the Jazz Mutant Lemar controllers!

Players will be able to test their skills on a variety of pre-produced blends and mashups, as well as original tracks...Daft Punk's mashups are:

- Daft Punk “Around the World” vs. Young MC “Bust A Move”
- Daft Punk “Da Funk” vs. NASA “Strange Enough ft. Karen O, ODB and Fatlip”
- Daft Punk “Da Funk” vs. Queen “Another One Bites the Dust”
- Daft Punk “Robot Rock” vs. Hashim “Al-Naafiysh” – Produced and mixed by The Scratch Perverts
- Daft Punk “Robot Rock” vs. Queen “We Will Rock You”
- Daft Punk “Short Circuit” vs. Boogie Down Productions “Jack Of Spades”
- Daft Punk “Technologic” vs. Gary Numan “Cars”
- Daft Punk “Television Rules The Nation” vs. No Doubt “Hella Good”

Looking forward to this...

Via Hypebeast

Tuesday 15 September 2009

DMC World Finals: A Quick Recap...

It's been a hectic weekend...

I've always looked forward to going to the DMC World Finals in previous years; catching up with various friends within the battle scene and meeting new faces is always good, but the past two World Finals have been an awesome experience...mainly due to the fact I've been representing the UK in the Teams category with Bionic Stylus

This year has been in my opinion, the most memorable World Finals weekend for me. Not only did our boy Switch successfully defend his world title in the Battle For World Supremacy, we also placed 3rd in this year's Team Championship! To cut a long story short, we were originally going to work with the same producer who helped us with last year's set. However, this fell through due to reasons unknown...at the very last minute may I add...As a result, we had to build a set within 4 weeks, work out the individual parts, and also work out some kind of swap-around/choreography for visuals...

Bearing in mind we only finished the routine last Wednesday, we're very pleased with our result. Admittedly, our set wasn't as tight as it could have been on the night, but I'm pretty sure we still would have walked away with the same placing if it was performed flawlessly. Traumateam (who came 2nd) were worthy of a 1st place in my opinion, due to the musical structure of their set (their "Bonkers" routine was heavy!), but Kireek came through with a more technical and energetic set, and thus managed to successfully defend their title again, making them 3x World Champions.

The following day saw the grand event, the actual World Final. 24 DJs battled it out in the afternoon eliminations for a place in the evening's final, of which 9 went through. I could give a rundown of everyone's set, but I'd be here for ages...In short, 3rd place went to Ligone from France, 2nd place to Co-ma from Japan, and 1st place to our boy Shiftee from the USA, who came through with proper juggles and great stage presence...None of this head-down, hardcore electronica Euro-style nonsense, which has been all the rage since 2006.

I'm sure more pics and videos from the after parties will surface online soon. Until then, congrats to all the winners.

P.S. Honorable mention goes to both DJ Final from Norway (loved that "Blinded By The Lights" routine!), and DJ Impact from New Zealand. Both could have also placed 3rd in my opinion.

P.P.S. Shouts to Urban Nerds for playing my Bonecrusher blend at the afterparty...That was a pretty surreal experience...

Elucid "Bear Trapz"

I've had this sitting in the inbox for a days, thought I'd finally get it up on here...

This mini EP sees Elucid going in over a couple of Caspa and N-Type joints, offering a solid alternative to the dumbed-down lyrics over Dubstep tracks such as "Snoop Dogg Millionaire" or "Mad House", proving that there is room for progressive MC-ing within this scene...It's all about "Yum Yum"...



01. We Don't Care (Caspa Dub)
02. Yum Yum (N-Type Dub)
03. Trouble The Water (Prod. by SuhBurb)

Via Rock The Dub

R.I.P. Patrick Swayze

R.I.P. Patrick Swayze, who yesterday lost his battle with pancreatic cancer at the age of 57.

I've never actually seen "Dirty Dancing", but "Ghost" was such a classic movie. Definitely a talented actor, and a good songwriter by all accounts! More details here.

Wednesday 9 September 2009

Kate Moss Storms Out of GQ Awards... (Video)

...only to realise she'd lost her lipstick. Dizzee cracked me up on this one!

Celebs and their egos, eh?

Tuesday 8 September 2009

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Trailer)

This looks incredible...I already spend too much time on C.O.D. 4; so I can definitely see myself saying goodbye to my social life when this arrives...

Monday 7 September 2009

RTDLTD002 is out now!

The latest release from Khal's digital label RTDLTD is out today, via Amazon MP3, Dogs On Acid, Junodownload & Nu Urban Music. This release features two heavy tech-step numbers from Kantyze. "Civilized" is my ish!

Sound Clips

01/ "Civilized"
02/ "Steamdrain"

Highly recommended...

P.S. RTDLTD001 is also still available online from all good digital outlets. Be sure to cop that too!

Jay-Z #1 in the UK Charts!

Props to Jay-Z, who scored his first UK #1 this past weekend with "Run This Town". Whilst I'm not the biggest fan of Rihanna's hook, it's definitely a solid club banger.

"The Blueprint 3" is released in the UK on September 14th.

Sunday 6 September 2009

DMC World Championships 11th/12th September!

"For 25 incredible boundary pushing, trend setting, scratched, cut and mixed years, the world’s largest DJ organization, DMC, has been the authority on the DJ battle. The DMC’s annual World DJ Championship competition brings together the world’s brightest DJ talents, vetted by a series of gruelling global heats. By doing so, DMC continues to host one of the most entertaining and jaw dropping shows you will ever witness. This year’s show is no different. In the 25th Anniversary of this prestigious competition, DMC is bigger than ever…"

Some great PA's, showcases, and competitors in this year's World Finals. Hats off to Sally @ DMC for organising what always turns out to be a massive event. The lineup for this is huge!

I'll be representing the UK in the World Team Championships with Bionic Stylus this coming Friday. Our boy DJ Switch will also be defending his world title in the Battle For World Supremacy as well...

If you're about, come down and show your support!

Xzibit Feat. U-N-I "So What" (Prod. D1)

Another leak off the forthcoming "Dubstep LA" mixtape, which I have to say is definitely better than that "Snoop Dogg Millionaire" crap...U-N-I flow fairly well, but it's Xzibit who steals the show with his delivery...D1 also comes through with a solid beat. Saying that, it's not something that'd be playing in years to come (even months, for that matter).

Get: Xzibit Feat. U-N-I "So What"

Whilst I have to laugh at the the pigeonholing ("Dub Hop"?! C'mon!), I am looking forward to hearing the finished mix (to be compiled by Plastician). I sincerely hope it's not a letdown....

On a side note, it's also good to see that DJ Nappy & RTD have also been acknowledged for the whole THUGSTEP movement too. Big ups!

Saturday 5 September 2009

Jay-Z Rhapsody Commercial (Video)

I know I'm a bit late watching this, but it's definitely worthy of a post. Very creative!

Via I Am Luca

Drake "Fear"

"I never cried when 'Pac died/but I probably will when Hov' does/and if my tears hold value then I will drop one for single thing he showed us/and I'll be standing in a puddle..."

Drake comes through with another solid track. Yes, there's more singing on the hook but allow it. Lyrically this has to be one of my favourite joints; it's definitely up there with "Successful"...

Get: Drake "Fear"

Taken from the "So Far Gone" EP, which is on sale next month (although you can still grab the mixtape with more tracks for nada). Produced by DJ Khalil, who's been killing it lately!

BONUS! "Fear" (Instrumental)

Classic UK Garage set from So Solid b2b Pay As U Go (2001)

Whilst browsing various forums for UK Garage mixes (due to feeling a bit nostalgic), I came across a selection of vintage sets that had been uploaded. I have to say I really do miss this era in music. At the height of the UK Garage craze, I'd just started 6th form, was just about able to get into bars and clubs, and had started to take DJ-ing a little bit more seriously. UKG (alongside Hip Hop) made up a substantial chunk of the soundtrack for my life at that time...

Anyhow, this set has a heavy lineup, featuring DJ's Swiss b2b Target, plus MC's Romeo, Harvey, Major Ace & Maxwell D...some classic tracks in here, ranging from "Little Man", to "Go DJ", "Buddha Finger", "Hello", plus many more...Major Ace killed it on this one!


Note: Allow the quality, as it's been recorded from a tape pack in mono @ 128kbps. I may try and clean it up and re-upload later this weekend...

BONUS! Garage Nation "Ayia Napa Reunion 2000", featuring DJ Dan Da Man, plus MC's Megaman, Romeo & Viper


Friday 4 September 2009

Roc Raida Injured?

UPDATE: Just saw on Q-Bert's Twitter that Roc Raida has recovered in great condition. It's all good!

I've just found out via Twitter that former DMC World Champion and DJ-ing legend Roc Raida is currently in hospital, following some kind of accident. No full details as of yet, but after doing a spot of online research (Via RTD), it seems that Raida has had to undergo spinal surgery.

Please spare a moment for Roc Raida, and pray that he gets well soon.

In the meantime, some videos to prove why he's one of the greatest...

DJ Tameil "D.O.A. (Death Of All Wack Club Music)"

Just stumbled across this mix from New Jersey's DJ Tameil on the Low Bee boards...Be sure to cop his joints too, which are available from all good digital outlets.

In his words:

"This is a cd dedicated to all these lil' disrepectful ass so-called producers in Jersey who have asked nor recieved blessings from the Originals in this Baltimore Club Music game. If I paid my dues over years and made it my business to form relationships and gain acceptance from those before me & those who made it possible for me & allowed me to bring this style back to Jersey and create a sub-genre branded thru me.. "Brick City Club Music", what they hell makes these dudes think they can just do what the hell they wanna do without asking anyone's permission and self-proclaim themselves "kings" of Brick City or Jersey Club Music without first having a history lesson or paying respect to those who make it possible for all of this? To make it plain and simple... I'm no longer keeping my mouth shut..... time to destroy!"



Thursday 3 September 2009

Diplo & Blaqstarr "Get Off" (Jack Beats Remix) (Micro Genius Dubstep Edit)

Jack Beats always come correct with their remixes. To put it simply, they're just pure bass-driven filth. Their recent remix of Diplo & Blaqstarr's "Get Off" has been doing a lot of damage on the dancefloors, and has become a personal favourite of mine during my sets. The drop on this is insane...

Up steps Micro Genius with this sick re-edit, which takes the Jack Beats banger to whole new level of rowdiness. Clocking in at 2 minutes and 51 seconds, it's not exactly the longest of tracks, but allow it. It's straight heat.


Wednesday 2 September 2009

A Bathing Ape "Woodland" Bapestas

I don't really care much for Bapestas these days (I have still have a few pairs that I haven't even worn yet), but this autumn-inspired collection looks pretty fresh...except for the loud colourway at the bottom. They're quite hideous!

Via Hypebeast