Sunday 6 September 2009

Xzibit Feat. U-N-I "So What" (Prod. D1)

Another leak off the forthcoming "Dubstep LA" mixtape, which I have to say is definitely better than that "Snoop Dogg Millionaire" crap...U-N-I flow fairly well, but it's Xzibit who steals the show with his delivery...D1 also comes through with a solid beat. Saying that, it's not something that'd be playing in years to come (even months, for that matter).

Get: Xzibit Feat. U-N-I "So What"

Whilst I have to laugh at the the pigeonholing ("Dub Hop"?! C'mon!), I am looking forward to hearing the finished mix (to be compiled by Plastician). I sincerely hope it's not a letdown....

On a side note, it's also good to see that DJ Nappy & RTD have also been acknowledged for the whole THUGSTEP movement too. Big ups!

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