Saturday 5 September 2009

Classic UK Garage set from So Solid b2b Pay As U Go (2001)

Whilst browsing various forums for UK Garage mixes (due to feeling a bit nostalgic), I came across a selection of vintage sets that had been uploaded. I have to say I really do miss this era in music. At the height of the UK Garage craze, I'd just started 6th form, was just about able to get into bars and clubs, and had started to take DJ-ing a little bit more seriously. UKG (alongside Hip Hop) made up a substantial chunk of the soundtrack for my life at that time...

Anyhow, this set has a heavy lineup, featuring DJ's Swiss b2b Target, plus MC's Romeo, Harvey, Major Ace & Maxwell D...some classic tracks in here, ranging from "Little Man", to "Go DJ", "Buddha Finger", "Hello", plus many more...Major Ace killed it on this one!


Note: Allow the quality, as it's been recorded from a tape pack in mono @ 128kbps. I may try and clean it up and re-upload later this weekend...

BONUS! Garage Nation "Ayia Napa Reunion 2000", featuring DJ Dan Da Man, plus MC's Megaman, Romeo & Viper


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