Tuesday 27 January 2009

Letters From Kanye...

I was a bit puzzled when I checked my Blackberry yesterday morning, to find an email from "Kanye West". By the looks of things, it seemed that I was Bcc'd into an email with someone at TBG (who?) regarding pictures. Attached was an MP3.

I then get another email later that day to say how I was Bcc'd by mistake, and as the MP3 was free to put up on the blog.

After getting my Google on, I found out that that Kanye's email accounts & Myspace had been hacked into, and further Googling showed that this was a marketing scheme to promote another artists music. Who that artist is, I don't know, as I deleted the MP3 thinking it was a Trojan virus.

Looks like no-one's safe from being hacked these days...

LOL @ the "people stop sending me spam" line though. To quote my high school English teacher, "Oh the irony!"

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