Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Uniqlo UT x Sega Tribute Tees

They recently opened up a whole bunch of Uniqlo stores (well, ok about 6 months ago) on Oxford Street - It kinda struck me as being a Japanese version of H&M (cheap, affordable mass produced garms that are supposed to come across as being 'cool' at the same time). H&M stuff also used to shrink down to minature proportions after a couple of washes too - but I digress....

Anyhow - I'm not really one for gimmicky t-shirts, but this collabo with Uniqlo and Sega is actually not that bad! They come a in variety of colours and feature characters from House of the Dead, Virtua Fighter....and that blue hedgehog.

Currently available from the Japan Webstore for 1,500 Yen - no word on whether they'll see a European release. If they do - expect to see nearly every hipster/indie kid in the West end rocking one.


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