Thursday 30 April 2009

More Mash Down CDs - Grab One!

Finally got another batch delivered today. If you want one sent out to you for $Free.99, get in touch!

Shouts to Blade over at Quickburn for the fastest turnaround ever.


JLUV said...

Wassup? This is JLUV, Mr. Promo of The latin hip-hop group NorthRock 360 & I LOVED The Mashdown Vol 2. Dawg, anyone can listen to that. My 5 yr old lil girl can cuz their no real bad language in it. Most has been edited it. Ok yea there is 1-3 but no f-bombs and no "b's". Need more of those mixes like that dawg.

JLUV said...

and bro I teach a conditioning class & it's so full of energy that it more than keeps things movinn. good job. need more more more like Vol 2

Andrew said...

hit us up in southeast ohio and we'll hook you up with some airplay

All Campus Radio Network
1 Park Place
Suite 329
Athens, Ohio 45701

DJ Cable said...

Thanks for the feedback JLUV, much appreciated.

Andrew, I'll send a batch out to you first thing tomorrow.