Sunday 17 May 2009

JuxtaPoser "Stereo Smoothie: Volume 1" (Mixtape)

"A freshly prepared cocktail of musical flavours. A handpicked selection of the freshest sounds, chopped up and blended with some sun-ripened classics to produce an energetic, creative and original sonic sensation. Best served loud."

Okay, so I've finally got round to sorting out a plan I've had for a while now; regular promo mixes recorded for your listening pleasure. My main goal with these mixes is to mash sh*t up as much as possible and hopefully create something a little different from a standard promo mix, the emphasis being very much on presenting music in an original way - if you just wanted to hear the original song, you'd just go listen to that, right?

I've tried to be pretty broad with Volume 1, so hopefully there'll be bits in there that will appeal to everyone and maybe by listening to it, you'll get turned onto some new music.

I'm working on setting it up as a podcast so watch this space for updates. In the mean time though, here's Volume 1, enjoy!


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