Tuesday 12 May 2009

Kid Hum & RTD Present: "Offshore Drilling"

The latest project from Rock The Dub (which should have been up there in Vibe's Top 50) sees Khal team up with producer Kid Hum, using instrumentals from his Fossil Fuel project, to create "Offshore Drilling". Add a whole bunch of dope MCs, and you get a quality slick of Hip Hop worth copping.

Shouts to Uriela for providing quality artwork yet again.



01. Cy Yung "Audobon"
02. Whygee "Klonopins"
03. Prezzure "Never Say Never"
04. Sunken State "Gingivitis"
05. Brown Bag All-Stars "Disappointment"
06. Junclassic "Angst"
07. Joulz Il "My Microphone"
08. Hellz Yea! "RTD Anthem"
09. L. Chanes "Church"
10. Pugz Atomz ft. Primeridian & Awdazcate "The Ride"
11. Braille "Thinking Shoes"
12. Cy Yung "Cy De B"
13. Blueface (Sky 7th & Lou Sleefe) "50 Years"
14. Bonus Track: Junclassic "Passport"
15. Bonus Track: Sunken State "Cavities"

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