Friday 22 May 2009

DJ Nappy & RTD Present: "Did I Do That?"

By now, you've most likely heard that Snoop Dogg Millionaire joint on the radio or in the club. When that first dropped, a lot of people jumped on it like it was this crazy, amazing new subgenre that had just been invented. Well they were wrong.

About 2 years ago DJ Nappy dropped his own mix of the sickest Dubstep, laced with various Hip Hop/Dirty South acapellas. As a result, "Thugstep" was born. It received a mixed reaction from the people over at Dubstep Forum, but generally got shown a lot of love across the internet. In fact, it was his mixtape which lead me to Rock The Dub, which in turn gave me the chance to collaborate with Khal on a couple of mini projects.

Packed full of Nappy's refixes (plus a blend from yours truly!) this mixtape is just straight hype. Gully riddims galore.

Allow the biters and the bandwagon jumpers, this is where it all started...

DOWNLOAD: DJ Nappy & RTD "Did I Do That?" (mirror)

P.S. Big up to DJ Nappy. Hold it down, son.

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khal said...

respect, brudda.