Thursday 7 May 2009

So Cassie's Topless Pics Got Leaked...

EDIT: It's not really a laughing matter to those involved, but I ain't gonna front - those pics are alot!

Cassie is alot, but I'm not gonna post them up on here, nor post a link to them. "Why?" you ask...

1) This blog isn't a soft-porn site. It deals with music, fashion and lifestyle.
2) It'd be highly disrespectful to Cassie and her team for me to do so.

Whilst shit happens, it just goes to prove that celebs/artists really should be more careful with whatever they do in their personal lives; especially since people will try all kinds of methods (be it hacking computers, etc) to get some dirt on you.

But yeh, hacking someone's computer to get at shit like this is a really low move.

Anyhow, shouts to Cassie who's addressed the situation, and has managed to brush it off.

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