Sunday, 22 June 2008

'Ultimate Breaks & Beats' Vol. 1-25 (Download!)


After coming home from DJ-ing in Basildon (which was, erm....not that great tonight), and still being wide awake at 4am, I deicided to do what any normal human being for Funk mp3s on Google.

2 minutes in, and I stumble upon this lovely piece of digital treasure - the COMPLETE (yep, all 25 volumes!) 'Ultimate Breaks & Beats' series on MP-thrizzy!

Anyhow - It's up in 3 parts on Megaupload & Zshare:

Click here for Part 1 - Artwork & Volume 1
Click here for Part 2 - Volumes 2-13
Click here for Part 3 - Volumes 14-25

According to The Essential Elements Blogspot (where I jacked this collection from), there are about 4 songs missing from volume 8, but hey, you're getting about 98% of the whole collection, along with all the artwork. How dope is that?!

This has made my month....Enjoy!

P.S. It's nearly 1GB's worth of digital goodness in total, so be patient with the downloading.

1 comment:

Ropedizzle said...

This is amazing, only problem is zShare is acting up and won't let me download. Any chance for a re-up?