Sunday 8 November 2009

David Guetta Feat. Estelle "One Love" Remixes

We all know David Guetta for his recent chart-topper featuring Akon (which admittedly, was pretty catchy), and also that cheesy piano-driven bullshit with Kelly Rowland..So I was a bit skeptical when I stumbled upon these remixes. Can Shy FX and Breakage really do this tune (which also happens to be shit) any justice?

The Shy FX isn't too bad. It's got that mainstream D&B vibe for the main part, but then drops into a Dubstep-ish section for the latter part of the song. It's not really my style of D&B, but for the more commercial clubs, and also as a transition tool from Dubstep to D&B (and vice versa) for DJs, it'll do okay...

The Breakage remix, however, is fairly solid. Again, this is another girl-friendly remix which will do well in mainstream venues, but is still worth checking out as it's got a nice laid back vibe.

Get: "One Love" (Shy FX Remix)
Get: "One Love" (Breakage Remix)

I'm sure it's only a matter of time before David Guetta teams up with someone like Sean Paul for yet another urban electro smash hit *rolls eyes*

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