Saturday 21 November 2009

Dream McLean "DJ Cameo Freestyle on 1Xtra" (Video)

Straight heat...Watch out for this guy...

"...I'm not like Tinchy/I'm not like Chip/I don't make pop/I just write piff..."

"...I don't know why they clash/'cos everytime I spray back/it makes man put their hands on head and start going mad like it's a Migraine Skank/Showwwww Meeee someone sicker..."

Smacked it!

BONUS! Get this: Dream McLean "The Purple Promo"


01. The Industry
02. Experiment Gone Wrong
03. The Only
04. Bring Your Smile Back
05. You’re Gonna Make It
06. What Credit Crunch
07. Skankdown
08. Story of Him
09. The Lyrical One
10. Can’t Stop Spinning
11. Closer ft. Darien Brockington
12. Cliche
13. Be My Friend

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