Wednesday, 11 July 2012

DCult - The MIG x FKOF EP

Running a digital label can be a lot of hard work, especially when you know it's a rarity that you'll see money off the first couple of releases. However one thing that I'm proud of with the Triangulum label is putting out music from artists who are on the rise, and who I firmly believe will blow up in the near future.

DCult is one of those artists.

Recently he's been working closely with Demon's M.UD. imprint, putting out a solid series of releases. Most recently, his Deadly Hands of Shang Chi EP dropped, which is nothing short of amazing.

Not content with churning out quality music for Demon, he's recently dropped a free EP for Bass Music blogs Fat Kid On Fire and Make It Good, consisting of three previously-unreleased tracks.

If you like your Dubstep dark, sparse, and weighty, then look no further. Massive shouts to M.U.D. for pushing the scene forward at a time where everyone is either making the noisiest stuff possible, or making tunes so minimal that they're sending the ravers to sleep.

You can listen to the tunes in the player above, and also download them for free.

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