Monday 30 July 2012

Bloom - Quartz (Gobstopper Records 005)

Mr. Mitch has been going from strength to strength this past year. When he's not busy dropping tunes, cooking up sick remixes for the likes of Slit Jockey Records, you can find him putting out consistently solid releases through his Gobstopper Records imprint.

The label's latest release (which is due due out August 3rd), comes courtesy of Belfast's Bloom, who delivers a heavy bass-driven riddim in the form of Quartz. It's definitely got that Eski-type vibe about it, and whilst it sounds like it could have easily come out around the same era as Macabre Unit's Sense, or DJ Marsta's Gridlock, it still fits in nicely with the current sound of Grime/UK Bass music.

Peep the Soundcloud player below for a preview of the full release, which includes excellent remixes from both Starkey and Slackk.

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