Monday 15 November 2010

Mick Boogie "93 Til’ Infinity Mix... Inspired by NBA JAM" (Mixtape)

A new mix from Mick Boogie? In conjunction with the release of the new NBA Jam? You know this is going to be fire! Here's the official blurb:

NYC-based Mick Boogie, known for his eclectic DJ sets and amazing mixtapes, is also an avid basketball fan and a video game junkie. With the recent return of the classic 90’s arcade game NBA JAM (now refreshed and remixed for 2010), Mick was inspired to put together a mixtape of classic and rare 90’s remixes that serve as the soundtrack to where we were back in the day. Being that NBA JAM dropped in 1993… Mick’s decision to call the mix “93 Til’ Infinity” was the only appropriate choice!

In addition to the mixtape, Mick collaborated with vintage t-shirt designers Homage to create a limited edition NBA JAM/93 Til Infinity inspired tee to celebrate the release of this mix and the videogame. You can find the shirt here.


BONUS! Remember the theme music? Certainly brings back memories...

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