Friday 22 January 2010

Nike SB Dunk High “Lost Oceanic Airlines”

New for January 2010, Nike SB has released a dunk inspired by that puzzling TV show "Lost" (I gave up watching it after the first season). Sporting a colourway inspired by Oceanic Airlines, these are worth picking up.

Update: Following on from the Dunk High, they've also designed a Blazer High inspired by Lost’s DHARMA Initiative. The beige colorway matches that of the DHARMA uniforms, while the “SHOE” label appears on both the insole and heeltab, referring to the distribution of supplies on the island.

Both are available now at Premier Skateboarding

P.S. If anyone can explain the Lost plot to me, that'd be dope. After reading up about the series on Wikipedia, it's left me even more confused...

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