Saturday 17 October 2009

Daft Punk vs Kanye West - Kanye Interrupts One More Time (JuxtaPoser Party Bomb)

So, I'm assuming that everyone who has access to a computer has seen Kanye's VMA outburst by now, and probably the internet meme phenomenon that it spawned. In fact, if you look a couple of posts back down this blog you'll see a flyer and poster design for POW! featuring this world famous image. Interestingly enough, Mr West himself has seen that poster, having been texted a photo of it by Mr Hudson on thursday night. Small world.

Anyway, back in the immediate aftermath of the VMA incident I made a cheeky little bootleg mashup of Kanye's interruption speech primarily for my set up in Birmingham on the Mainstage @ Student Block Party last month. It went off then and its been well received by most dancefloors since. This is one of a number of exclusive edits that I've thrown together for my sets that I wasn't planning on sharing online but I dropped it last night at POW! and Cable insisted I put it up on here.



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