Tuesday 16 December 2008

Rosenberg's Rountable: "Arab Money" (Video)

As you may well know, Busta's recent club hit "Arab Money" has come under fire for coming across as being demeaning to Arabs & Muslims. It even caused a bit of a storm over here recently, with a certain DJ getting suspended on Galaxy FM for playing said track.

Peter Rosenberg speaks to Mazzi, and a couple of other artists about the song, and gets their take on it...Very interesting interview.

My thoughts:

When I first heard the record I thought here may be a bit of a problem, and after chatting to a few people I know from Arab/Muslim backgrounds, the general reaction seemed to be okay; It's been requested by a lot people people from all different backgrounds in the clubs, and everyone seems to get down with the accompanying dance as well....

I've always been respectful of other cultures, religions & customs, and so after watching this and reading up on more of the facts, I'll be sending this track to the recycle bin....Granted, I've posted the video up previously on here, and have played this out - mainly because the beat is solid (let's face it...it's definitely not some of Busta's best bars) - but seeing as the final version contains extracts from the Qur'an, I don't want to offend anyone by playing/supporting this record...

From what I've read online as well, Busta's pulling the track completely from radio and retail.

Your thoughts?

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