Wednesday 31 December 2008

End of The Year: 2008

As we say Game Over to 2008, and welcome in the New Year, I've decided to give a little recap of what's happened this year, along with some of my personal achievements....

First up, history was made this year, with Barack Obama winning the US presidential election (I hope you all downloaded the "Block Obama" Mini Mix). Hip Hop played a very important role in this election, and helped get to everyone out there to vote. I believe that Obama's the right man for the job.

Musically, 2008 was a pretty good year. For Hip Hop, the album of the year for me has to be "Paper Trail" by T.I. This was closely followed by Ludacris' "Theater Of The mind". Those albums are two solid pieces of work, and have been on constant rotation since copping them. Lil' Wayne also proved himself to be the hardest working rapper out there, there's no doubt about that. Other notable releases include The Cool Kids' "Bake Sale" EP, and Common's "Universal Mind Control".

On the other hand, 2008 was full of unnecessary/irrelevant beef (turning the genre into a bit of a pantomime sometimes), autotune, more crap dances (Stanky Legg, anyone?), and also the word "swagger". I somehow hope the above are banned in 2009.

The UK music scene was in good health this year, with artists such as Benga, Dizzee Rascal, Estelle, Donaeo, Bloc Party & M.I.A. all putting out great music. Props to Dizzee for getting to #1 just on legal downloads alone (on an independent label too).

Now, over to Dance music...Drum & Bass has never been healthier: Brookes Brothers, Hazard, Nu:Tone, Blame, High Contrast, and Chase & Status came with some of the best D&B I've heard in a long while. Album of the year goes to Chase & Status, who not only gave us a quality slice of D&B, but also showed that could easily make some disgusting Dubstep! "Eastern Jam" smashed up the dancefloor at practically every venue I played it, whilst "Running", with it's vocals and 80's influenced synths is an awesome joint.

Diplo, A-Trak, Craze, Sinden, Hervé and Fake Blood also put out some excellent work this year too....

Now, 2008 has also been a great year for me as a DJ. Not only was I able to represent the UK at both the DMC World Championships (shout to Sally) & the IDA World Finals, I also won the "Alizé Remixed 2008" DJ Competition (special thanks to everyone at Uproar for making the Tour night happen at Paper). I was also able to support a lot of great artists this year, such as Twista, Bobby Valentino and of course, Grandmaster Flash. To top it all off, iDJ Magazine pointed me out as one of the DJs to watch out for. I guess the hard work does pay off!

To everyone who reads the blog, I wish you all a happy and safe New Year. See you in '09.

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DJ WM said...

Twista, Bobby V... the name drops are too much in this post haha!! Happy New Year to you too dude!