Sunday, 7 April 2013

DJ Cable - Juicy J Video Mix

After a very long hiatus, I'm back with another Video Mixtape.

It's taken a while to source decent content, and to get fully acquainted with MixEmergency, but I'm now in a position to put out regular video mixes for you guys.

This time around, I've gone in with 75 minutes' worth of Juicy J tunes for your eyes/ears. Some hood videos, some of his classic joints, plus some bizarre stuff including that hilarious Nardwuar interview.

I'm still experimenting with file formats and bit rates, as I want to be able to provide quality downloads, however if anyone would like a copy of this on DVD for free, please hit me up on the following address:

iwantadjcablecd [at] gmail [dot] com

Also, I'd like to apologise for the lack of posts recently. I've been locked away making tunes and playing out relentlessly for the past couple of months, and am only just now in a position to be able to be more pro-active with blogging and putting out free music/mixes for you guys.

Stick with me, as there will be some dope content coming soon over the next few months. Big up!

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