Thursday 5 January 2012

DJ Shiftee's "Slaughterhouse" Routine (Video)

Shiftee comes through with another classic routine.

In his words:

This is a routine I put together for my recent appearance on the legendary Rinse FM (big shouts to DJ Wonder for having me on!). It's meant to show my softer side. Yes, you may know me for my manly feats of strength and untapped primal aggression on delicatessen waiting lines. When you think Shiftee, you probably think of a brute force who opens jars, lifts heavy boxes, and attends the gym regularly (big shouts to my trainer Sergi for keeping me toned!).

But there's more to me. I take long walks on the beach. I gaze wistfully at setting suns and old people. I once watched a trailer for The Notebook and felt something deep inside (it was indigestion, but still). Please watch the following video, and get to know the real me.

-- Forever Yours, Shiftee

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