Tuesday 8 November 2011

Logam "Your Mom Makes Dubstep"

This is genius...

"Is it just me or is the standard for what is considered to be "Dubstep" today just getting lower and lower and lower and lower on a daily basis? I mean seriously, I just heard some of the worst "Dubstep" I've ever heard and this dude or dudes have over 2000 followers. For my next Dub release I'm just going to set off a car alarm, record it, and put a beat behind it...oh and sample someone talking about hoes or drugs or hoes with drugs and then pitch it down and insert it right before the drop. 10,000 followers in one day. Guaranteed."

Logam - Your Mom Makes Dubstep by Betamorph Recordings

Press play, and laugh.

Oh, there is a also a remix contest. Download the stems here.

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