Saturday 12 November 2011

DJ Cable Vs. Denon MC3000 (Video) the guys over at Denon Europe asked me to test out their new 2 channel MIDI controller, the MC3000, and put together a routine for their new promo video....

It's very much a live club set, which incorporates a bit of live remixing on the spot.

The routine starts with a mixtape-style intro over the (now-classic) Grime instrumental "Wooo Riddim".

I then build up a composition using a series of custom loops and one shots (some of which I've made myself), alongside a refix I've made of Roska's "Jackpot", and then mess about with the effects. After that, I then mix in the intro to Redlight's "Stupid", and trigger a bass sample (from that tune), manipulating it using the Filter LFO effect.

Main features covered include:

multi deck mixing
cue point juggling
group effects (assigning more than one deck to an effects group)
making use of the volume faders for all 4 decks

I hope you enjoy the video!

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