Monday 15 August 2011

Boot Sequence Vol. 2 - Mixed By Demon (Macabre Unit)

Following on from my previous mix for Project Midnight's label, Reboot Records, Demon from Macabre Unit is the latest DJ to put together a mix for the label.

This mix really hits hard and is a real testament to the new talent that is coming into the scene, as well as showcasing familiar artists such as production duo Fused Forces, who happen to have a release on Reboot too.

Respect for including D-Cult's Woken in the mix as well!



01. D-Cult – Particles (Forthcoming M.U.D)
02. Biome – Swirls (Dub)
03. Fused Forces – Dark skies (Demon Rmx – Dub)
04. Fused Forces – Unprovoked Attack (Forthcoming Reboot 002)
05. Biome & Versa – Untitled (Dub)
06. D-Cult – Woken (Forthcoming Triangulum)
07. Catacombs – Dimension (Dub)
08. Project Midnight – Secret Service (Reboot Dub)
09. Fused Forces – Gotham (Dub)
10. N-Dread – Oceanseleven (Dub)
11. Rowl – Resolution (Dub)
12. Demon – Voices (Dub)
13. Promise One – Glyph (Boot 008)
14. Demon Feat. Raggs – Pathogen (Dub)

Make sure you hit up Demon and Project Midnight and let them know what you think of the mix...

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