Wednesday 24 March 2010

Phil Collins vs Tempa T - Easy Lover Hype (JuxtaPoser's "Not Another Next Hype Blend" Edit)

You would have to have been living under a rock to have missed out on Tempa T's 2009 anthem "Next Hype"; the biggest Grime track of last year you will no doubt have heard Tempz' bars over more or less every dubstep beat imaginable. A special mention must of course go to DJ Cable himself for creating one of my personal favourite blends, Mr Muscle's Hype, right up there with Plastician's mashup of Next Hype and Re Up.

Anyway, I realised the other day that I couldn't really remember the last time I went to a rave without hearing Next Hype at some point and as great as it sounds over a disgusting dubstep beat, it could sound even better over some 1980s rock guitars, courtesy of Phil Collins. Enjoy!



Natalie said...

undoubtedly the best thing I have ever ever ever heard

JuxtaPoser said...

Haha, Glad you like it! x