Saturday 4 July 2009

Get off the Bandwagon: House Music

NOTE: I'm not going to single out anyone in particular. If this applies to obviously applies to you!

It's been a while since I've had a good rant on here. I would normally ignore it all and keep doing my own thing when it comes to bandwagons and the people that jump on it. However as each day goes by, I see more and more people jumping on the whole House thing, and to be honest, it really annoys me.

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past 12-18 months, "Funky" or "UK Funky" has taken the industry by storm. In some ways it's great, as record labels are now investing more in UK artists in general, and also taking notice of new talent. With an official compilation out now, and a couple of others on the way, it looks set to become the soundtrack to most people's summers. Although on the other hand, the constant bombardment of skanking tunes, the sheer amount of substandard product, and the fact that everyman and his dog is trying to make (and DJ) Funky has saturated the scene something silly, leaving us with a watered down pile of crap to sift through when it comes to finding new music.

K.I.G. & Gracious K both came with something original, and it worked well. They're good tracks. Now everyone thinks they can hijack someone's beat and come up with a dance that makes you look like a twat.

Crazy Cousinz, Attacca Pesante, Donaeo, Lil Silva, Ill Blu, Geeneus have all put out some great music. Now every bedroom DJ thinks they can do the same with a cracked copy of Fruityloops...and then put on crap event after crap event which I seem to get a million invites for on Facebook EVERY DAY.

However, what pisses me off the most is the DJs that all of a sudden dropped whatever they were normally spinning, in order to cash in on the genre and get try to get more bookings. Most of these people had no love (or knowledge) for House music at the start, so why pretend?

They're excuse? "Oh I've always been into House man, I'm now just trying to find my own sound." Are you bollocks! The main reason why you're spinning House music is mainly because of the popularity of Funky. So you've bought a few other joints off Beatport or Juno (or most likely downloaded from blogspots), and read up on what's hot on few forums...congratu-fuckin-lations, you're such a big boy/big gal House DJ.

I love it how they then act like they've spinning the genre for time, and strut around like they're some kind of House music connoisseur. Aside from the Electro & "Gutter/Wobble" House which I love, this Funky/Soulful/Deep thing isn't really for me. Saying that, I do play the bigger Funky tunes in some venues, because...well...that's my job as a DJ: to entertain and keep the crowd moving.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for exploring and discovering new genres and artists (you all know I play/mash many styles together), and new avenues with DJ-ing (Video-SL, Ableton Live, etc), but when you completely switch up your style just to cash in on the latest trend, that's some weak shit. Some fake shit, in fact.

I hate to think what the biters will latch onto next once the Funky hype dies off. I pray it's not Dubstep.

Anyways, if you're reading this, and I've offended you, I really couldn't care less. I'll keep doing my own thing while you can all ride the wagon 'til it breaks down.

Until then, get some originality.

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Danny 'Dutty Mix' B said...

Brapdipidappadapdo!!! Well said cuz!!!