Saturday 8 February 2014

The League Presents: Essential Warm Up Vol. 3 (Mixed By DJ Cable)

It's been a while since I dropped Volume Two, but here's the latest instalment of the Essential Warm Up series.

Keeping with the Hip Hop/R&B theme, I decided to put together a seleciton of mid-to-late 90's and 00's tracks to make your working lives easier from 10-11pm. Those five hour sets can be a killer, sometimes...

As usual, the mix has minimal tags, so it's club-friendly. We'll be moving into other genres soon, with other League members contributing to the series.

Whether you want something to help kickstart your night, or simply listen to whilst you're getting ready to go out, we've got you covered! I hope you enjoy the mix.

BONUS! Here's the video version for you to watch (and download).

Slighty different tracklist. Same great taste

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