Wednesday 13 July 2011

100 Akres - Ugly Boombox Beat Tape (Limited Cassette)

Shouts to FreshNerd, who has just released a new beat tape...on cassette!

Ugly Boombox is the first of the limited edition series of cassettes available from 100 Akres (only 30 available...hand numbered). All of these brand new bangers are inspired by big drums and my fetish for flipping samples. Basically anything that I'd want to hear on Radio Raheem's boombox is on this project. The sound bites throughout the tape also go on to explain the importance of the boombox to our culture. Experience a beat tape the way it was originally intended....on tape.

For those that don't own a tape deck or walkman, there will be a FREE digital version included with purchase.

Buy it HERE

Check out a sneak preview below:

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