Sunday 25 July 2010

Ricky Powell "Rappin With The Rickster" (Trailer)

Just spotted this over at Nah Right.

Legendary Hip-Hop photographer (and “Fourth Beastie Boy”) Ricky Powell is releasing a DVD compilation of the greatest moments from his 90′s public access show "Rappin With The Rickster" next week.

Full info below:

Disc 1 features “The Best of Rappin’ With The Rickster (1990 – 1994)” – a collection of Ricky’s handpicked ‘best of’ moments of the show. As expected it’s full of celebrity appearances and interviews including: The Beastie Boys, Russell Simmons, Laurence Fishburne, Sofia Coppola, Spike Jonze, Sandra Bernahrd, Tone Loc, Cypress Hill, Run-D.M.C., Billy Preston, Kim Gordon & Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) and more !!

Also included on Disc 1, “Rickster Bouillabaisse” – a collection of snippets and antics starring Ricky Powell and a host of legendary figures and moments from the cable access show baring his name. Some of the highlights include: Eazy E, Beastie Boys, Beck, Q-Tip, SEEN, ZEPHYR, Bobbito Garcia, Everlast and more!

Disc 2 also features an updated version of Ricky’s cable access show. The unique “Rappin’ With The Rickster 2010” – a look at what Ricky has up his sleeve in 2010 and beyond. Celebrity guests include Dante Ross, DJ Eclipse, and Stay High 149.

The release date is set for July 27th, however you can pre-order the DVD from

Whilst my taste in music is really vaired, I eat, breathe and sleep Hip Hop music, so it's great to see that that a piece of Hip Hop history like this has been immortalised on DVD.

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