Monday 19 July 2010

Ayatollah "Reefer" (Video)

Here's a slick little promo video for one of Ayatollah's cuts off his forthcoming digital only, instrumental album "Cocoon", which is set to drop tomorrow through Tollah Music.

Based on what I've heard in the video, this looks like it'll be worth the purchase. You can download "Reefer" here

Here's the full tracklisting too:

01. Gordon’s War
02. Casino
03. Getting To Know Me
04. Dig This
05. The Writers Bench
06. Bubble
07. Soul Power
08. WOW
09. Heaven Can’t Wait
10. Reefer
11. Lonely Girl
12. Rhyme Amazing
13. Growth
14. It
15. Black Ivory
16. You And I
17. When Tomorrow Comes
18. How Ya’ll Feel Out There

Via Nah Right

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