Saturday 20 July 2013

DJ Cable x Do Androids Dance Present: Wiley - The Steps Mix

I'm amazed that after all this time, no-one has actually put together a full mixed version of Wiley's Step freestyles.

After chatting to Khal over at Do Androids Dance we both decided it'd be a good idea to present the Godfather of Grime's finest work from the past 12 months in a mixed format for you to enjoy in one sitting.

They're not in numerical order, as that would be, there would be a load of key clashing going on. Anyway, sit back and enjoy, and press that download button.


01. Step 1 (Prod. by Preditah)
02. Step 17 (Prod. by Preditah)
03. Step 5 (Prod. by Kid D)
04. Step 7 (Prod. by Darq E Freaker)
05. Step 2 (Prod. by Splurt)
06. Step 15 (Prod. by Zdot)
07. Step 20 (Prod by Rude Kid)
08. Step 6 (Prod. by Thomas Mellor)
09. Step 4 (Prod. by SNY)
10. Step 12 (Prod. by Infamous)
11. Step 10 (Prod. by Dullah Beats)
12. Step 8 (Prod. by Danny Yen)
13. Step 16 (Prod. by Masro & Spooky)
14. Step 13 (Prod. by Danny Yen)
15. Step 9 (Prod. by Zdot)
16. Step 3 (Prod. by Flava D)
17. Step 18 (Prod. by Flava D)
18. Step 14 (Prod. by Nu Klear)
19. Step 11 (Prod. by Filthy Beatz)
20. Step 19 (Prod. By Jo)

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