Tuesday 3 July 2012

Classic Tracks: Zoom & DBX "Coming Again" (2000)

Okay, so it's been over two years since I last did a Classic Tracks post. I'm really slacking....

Anyhow, after discovering this in my iTunes collection earlier today, I had to resurrect this feature.

I actually remember owning a copy of this on vinyl back in like, 2001 or so. Unfortunately I parted ways with my UK Garage collection (a move that deeply regret) a few years later, but I was lucky enough to acquire a decent copy on MP3.

A little bit about Zoom & DBX - they were Paul Landon and Neil Rumney; the latter had a string of successful releases in the early 90's under the names NRG and Trotters Independent Traders (no Del Boy). Whilst the UKG scene had started to become increasingly cheesy (and subsequently fade away shortly after) around the time of this tune's release, this remains a classic. I've always been a fan of the M1 organ sound.

I'm slowly starting to rebuild my UKG collection on vinyl again, so will definitely be hunting down a copy of this.

P.S. I will try my best to make this a regular feature from now on.

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