Monday 30 May 2011

Some old pics from University... I was cleaning out my hard drive when I stumbled upon these. For those interested, this was part of room at University throughout the first year.

Thanks to part-time job and a student loan, it got filled up with vinyl and San Miguel 40oz bottles (now defunct, sadly) very quickly.

This was my DJ setup back in the day as well. I went from using belt drive Numarks to these horrible Vestax Turntables. I was a massive Invisible Skratch Piklz fan, and thought it'd be cool to go with Vestax turntables instead of Technics. Whilst they were dope for scratching, I shortly ended up trading them in for my 1200s, which I still own to this day.

I think I've still got that 06 mixer floating around in storage somewhere too...

Stay tuned for more random pictures.

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