Wednesday 1 December 2010

Remix Mr Mitch's "Skittles"

Elijah and Skilliam aka Butterz are on a roll. With the recent resurgence of Grime instrumentals, they've been at the forefront of the scene, pushing new music and in turn, pushing new artists such as Swindle and Royal T.

Fresh from recently releasing the stems to Terror Danjah's "Air Bubble", Elijah has just liberated the stems to Mr. Mitch's new joint, "Skittles".

In his words:

Everyone in England is snowed in. I just finished a bag of Skittles and I thought I would upload the stems for all the producers that want something to do while we are stuck inside. Big up Mr Mitch each and every time. The original is still on iTunes or here on vinyl if you want in.

Download the stems here To submit your remixes, and to also sign up to the Butterz newsletter email Elijah here

If you want to cop some Butterz records, purchase them here

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