Tuesday 16 February 2010

DJ Enjay & Big Ad Present: Big L - Eternally Flamboyant

Shouts to Big Ad for sending this over. To mark the passing of Big L, who was EASILY one of the greatest rappers of all time (real talk), he's teamed up with DJ Enjay to put together this tribute mix, packed full of classic tracks.

Lord Finesse "Yes You May" and the "Get Yours Remix" on the same mix? WIN!



01. Gangstarr - Intro (Full Clip)
02. Back To Back
03. Lord Finesse - Yes You May
04. D.I.T.C. - Da Enemy
05. Street Struck
06. Fed Up With With The Bullshit
07. MVP (Summer Smooth Mix + Remix Number 2)
08. Mc Gruff - Danger Zone
09. Deadly Combination (Feat. 2 Pac)
10. Put It On (Feat. Kid Capri)
11. D.I.T.C. - Dignified Soldiers (Remix)
12. D.I.T.C. - Day One
13. Holdin It Down (Feat. Miss Jones)
14. On The Mic
15. Flamboyant (Jay Dee Remix)
16. Da Graveyard
17. D.I.T.C. - Thick
18. N.O.T.S - Work is Never Done
19. Raw and Ready (Feat. Party Arty)
20. The Heist Revisted
21. O.C. - Dangerous
22. Still Here (Feat. C-Town)
23. Platinum Plus (Feat. Big Daddy Kane)
24. D.I.T.C. - Get Yours (Showbiz Remix)
25. Outro

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