Friday 7 August 2009

Tempa T in Scotland

Tempz is that dude at the moment. "Next Hype" is killing it everytime it gets played. Anyhow, check out his recent trip to Scotland. The clip where he spits over "Invaders Must Die" is straight HYPE! (speaking of which, props for rocking the Playing For Keeps New Era!)

Some funny moments in here, involving a toy shotgun in the arcade, bars about swans and ponds, rapping whilst up a tree, and also spitting "Boy Off Da Ting" on top of a hill in the Scottish countryside. Epic...

They shoulda put Tempz in the Big Brother house.

Via Butterz

P.S. If anyone has the CDQ of "Boy Off Da Ting", holla at your boy.

1 comment:

Big n Bashy said...

Temps is on a mad ting, that show was MENTAL good :)

Shame bout my shaky filming in the club whilst strying to dance