Thursday 18 June 2009

Tipped because the summer Finally Came Along

Ok i was on my usual hunt for all things new this morning and out of no where i came across a link to a "new" kid cudi track, thinking this was just another track to add the collection it got downloaded and spun out on the soundsystem and lo and behold after it ended i was grinnin like the cheshire cat.

Now this isnt along the line of the crookers remix of day and night but after some research n reading im seeing that this is being tipped for summer success on the white isle (ibiza to the uneducated) and is being pushed hard buy the mighty blog lords and radio powers , i hope so to cus its dammm good.

lil bit funky lil bit fresh lil bit new ........................ ^_^

So to all u new music lovers enjoy the sounds of Sharam feat kid cudi - she came along (uk extended mix)

ill try n not be as lazy with my posts as some cool things are happening these days and well time to keep the readers involved

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