Friday 27 March 2009

House Music for Miami, Pop for Paris? Sweden says no.

is a wonderful thing, you can keep up with what your mates are doing, stalk all your favourite celebrities and, as I found out today, get breaking news on scandals.

I checked my twitter to see if Cable had broken any more macbooks but came across some far juicier news, courtesy of Steve Angello and Seb Ingrosso, fresh from their set at the Winter Music Conference in Miami.

Paris Hilton; heiress to the Hilton fortune, paparazzi obsession, pioneer of the split-legged limo exit, and now, apparently, self-appointed musical advisor to Angello and Ingrosso. Last night (Miami time) the two Swedish superstars were doing what they do best--playing upfront house music at one of the year's hottest parties--when our favourite celebrity train-wreck, Paris, decided that the music wasn't really to her taste. She approached the DJ booth and asked Angello, Ingrosso and Guetta to play some pop and R&B music.

Now, I don't know about the rest of you, but when I'm playing a set, I get pretty annoyed when every girl in the building comes up to me and asks for Lady Gaga. I imagine if I was one of the world's top DJs playing to a capacity crowd at one of the biggest parties of the year, and the personification of celebrity stupidity recommended a change of musical direction, I would probably be a little taken aback.

Poor old Paris apparently couldn't take the hint that perhaps the Swedes knew best and it resulted in her and her boyfriend getting into a fight with the DJ booth security guards, which unsurprisingly resulted in a 1-0 victory for the WMC security team.

Paris and her boyfriend plan to leave Miami immediately and I think we can all agree that that is, basically, a good thing. Perhaps she's gone to work on the followup to her *ahem* breakthrough single, 'The Stars Are Blind'. The stars may be blind Paris, but if you're going to class yourself as a star, it would seem they're probably deaf too.

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