Monday 3 November 2008

Fake internet rumour of the year: Wiley's Dead

So I heard about this news story happening and if they hadn't given them selves away using their own domain name and didn't use Thames Valley Police statement for a Hackney based murder (lol), this could've been somewhat more believeable, but luckily.... it ain't.
Here's the article (click here for the link):

British Rapper Wiley stabbed to death

Wiley stabbed to death after an argument.

Richard Kylea Cowie also known as wiley a grime mc who recently got to number two in the chart was stabbed to death only hours ago.

Officers were called to Hackney at about 2200 GMT after reports of a disturbance.

They found 29-year-old Richard Cowie in an alleyway behind Cheshire Road. He had been stabbed several times. Police believe that an argument had taken place as shouting was heard by witnesses.

Cowie, from Bow, was taken to Hospital where he later died. Police are appealling for witnesses to come forward.

Detective Aaron Johnson said:

"We have now put high visibility patrols in place, including community contact points and we have set up confidential telephone lines.

"We will be working throughout the night with community leaders to ensure that people in the area still feel safe, and that the killers are caught"

Anyone with any information on Cowies murder is asked to call police or Crimestoppers.

BBC will keep you updated on this as more information becomes available.

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