Tuesday 30 September 2008

Rock The Dub x Che Grand Petition

Making it in the music industry is a ridiculously hard grind. In order to get people to buy your album, you need a buzz. In order to do that, you need $$$ for promotion, and to get your product produced, mastered, mixed and packaged - not to mention beats, guest verses, cuts and everything else. But in order to do that,you need to get shows to make $$$....but you need a buzz to get those!

That's what the extremely dope Che Grand is saying right now. It's taken him 3 years to record his debut album "Everything Good Ugly", and he's at the point where if his project doesn't get picked up, he'll call it a day with pursuing rap as a full blown career....Which would be a damn shame, as this guy is seriously talented.

So, my boy Khal over at Rock The Dub has come up with a petition. Sign it, pass it to your friends, whatever....The more the merrier.

Maybe the right person will see it and decide to pick up the project?

BONUS! Che Grand - City On Fire

P.S. Be sure to check out his blog too.

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